Marcy Tilton Designer

Marcy Tilton Designer

Every girl is beautiful by herself. But, this doesn’t mean that she can wear any type of outfit and to think it is ok. At first, the lady takes care of herself, grooms her hair and skin. Of course, properly chooses clothes. She follows the fashion trends so that she could choose fashionable clothes. Because of that, in today’s article, we have decided for Fashion Trends 2018 Spring SummerSpring-2018-Fashion-Trendssource

fashion trends spring summer 2018 2


1.Spring Summer  2018 Color Trends

In this time of the year in trend are gentle sand colors, milky lace, floral nuances of lilac and romantic sea scale. All this colors remind of nature.color trends 2018source

color trends 2018 1source

2. Spring/ Summer 2018 Print Trends 

print fashion 2018source

 Spring Summer 2018 Floral Print Trends  

In this season, in trend is the floral model of pastel tones. Spring Summer 2018 Floral Print Trends source

Metallic Print

Sequins are not in trend anymore, but the brilliance of the metallic color is a hit in spring  summer 2018. If you don’t like this style, you can limit it on accessories like colors-gold and silver metallic.spring summer 2018 metallic printsource


The sea theme will never stop to drag attention. The strip can be different: little and big, multicolor or monochromatic, horizontal or vertical. Chess drawing. There is no limit on the colors of the chess board-you need to consider just the thing that it can give you some extra kilograms.print-trends-spring-summer-source

3. In the Season Spring-Summer, the Unbeatable Rend will be 4 Fashion Trends 2018 

The unisex style, free shirts like they are taken off from a men shoulder, jackets bigger for a few sizes, wide pants, bag packs-you must have them at any age.Fashion Trends Spring Summer 2018source

4.Fashion Trends 2018  -Stylish Sports Chic Spring-Summer

The sport-chic have been liked from the fashionable women from the entire world, because their variety and convenience. The main thing is not to forget the basic rules when choosing this type of clothes style: don’t combine more than 3 different colors, avoid light logos, don’t overload the image with more layers and unnecessary details. It seems like we can freely say that the fashion from the early 2000ies of short tops is coming back. Crop-blouses or bra-top today is convenient to combine them with almost every detail from the clothes-pants, shirts, trends spring summer 2018 3sourceFashion Trends 2018 Spring Summersource


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