2018 Paid Internships in New York City m

2018 Paid Internships in New York City m

We find your host company and arrange sponsorship of your J-1 visa through our licensed partners.  Programs are open to American citizens and Permanent Residents, Foreign Nationals, and F-1 students at U.S. Universities. Check out the USA Program Flyer for a quick look at this program!
Choose between a Custom Internship in New York City or one of our available internships!


  • Custom Placements: We arrange a custom internship in your field of study
  • Self-Placement: Find your own Host Company and we will arrange your visa
  • Pre-Defined Placements: Select from our list of current internships
    • Architecture in Oregon (Paid)
    • Architecture & Interior Design Internship in Los Angeles (Paid)
    • Architecture (Landscape) in New York
    • Branding and Marketing in New York
    • Business and Communication Internship in Atlanta GA (Paid)
    • Business and Marketing in North Carolina
    • Business, Communications, and Tourism in Las Vegas (Paid)
    • Communications, HR, Marketing, and Psychology in New York - For German Speakers
    • Communications In Seattle, WA
    • Communication Internship in Washington DC
    • Digital and Social Media Marketing in San Francisco (Paid)
    • Environmental Conservation in Atlanta
    • Event Management for French Speaker
    • Fashion Design & Production Internship
    • Fashion in New York City
    • Golf Course Operations Internship in Boston (Paid)
    • Graphic Design Internship in Los Angeles (Paid)
    • Graphic Design Internship in Marina Del Rey (Paid)
    • Industrial Design, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering or Web Development in Sarasota, Florida  
    • International Business & Marketing in Englewood, FL (Paid)
    • International Business in Charlotte, NC (For Mandarin or Cantonese Speakers)
    • International Relations and Diplomacy in Washington D.C.
    • International Relations & Political Science in Washington, DC
    • International Relations in New Mexico
    • Journalism in Washington DC
    • Law in Fort Myers
    • Law (Non-Profit) Internship in Seattle
    • Law in Miami
    • Logistics / International Business/ Import-Export in New York (Paid)
    • Market Research in New York - For German Speakers
    • Marketing, Public Relations, Communication, Journalism Internship in New York
    • Marketing in Miami
    • Marketing in Burbank, California
    • Marketing for Italian Speakers (Paid) 
    • Marketing (Solar) in New Jersey (Paid)
    • Non-Profit Communications Internship in Washington DC
    • Public Policy/Journalism In New York
    • Sales and Marketing Internship in Marina Del Rey (Paid)
    • Sales and Marketing Internship in San Diego
    • Social Media Marketing Internship in Marina Del Rey (Paid)
  • Teaching Internships





Interning in the United States

Want to immerse yourself in the American culture while also building professional skills in your chosen field? Our Internship and Trainee Programs are for you! Add international experience to your resume, build your global network, improve your language skills and take time to travel the country and make friends. Our INTERNSHIP Program is for university students and recent graduates, while our TRAINEE Program is for professionals who already have a few years of experience in their fields.
Eligibility/ Visa Regulations
For information on whether you qualify, please refer to our information regarding Eligibility to Become a Trainee or Intern.
The cost of your program will vary depending on your program of choice, the length of your stay in the United States, and whether or not you require a visa.  Please visit our Fees Page or visit the specific program page of your desired program for more details.

There are three basic fees:

1) Placement Fee with a U.S. Host Company

  • 00 for non-US citizens
  • 50 for U.S. Citizens, Permanent Residents, and F-1 Students
    • F-1/OPT Students must pay all fees before Internship search begins
  • 00 for Self-Placement?

2) Visa Fee

  • J-1: The cost of your J-1 visa is additional to the Placement Fee, and will vary depending on the length of your stay in the U.S.   For more detailed information, see our Fees Page.  There is a SEVIS User Fee for your registration in the US immigration database (0), and a consulate interview fee (0). 

3) Health Insurance Fee

  • per month.  J-1 students are required to purchase Health Insurance for the entirety of their stay in the United States. 

Interns and Trainees with International Internships LLC are responsible for arranging their own housing.  However, in order to make this process easier, we have developed relationships with several housing agencies in New York to offer special pricing and individualized care to our students searching for housing in New York.  Feel free to contact these partner agencies and reference this document during your house-hunting search!  We recommend staying in a hostel or other temporary housing directly after your arrival in order to spend time searching for more permanent housing.  Costs in Manhattan are much more expensive so consider living in Queens, The Bronx or Brooklyn and commuting to work.
Here are some resources for short-term housing:

  1. www.hostelworld.com
  2. Leo House: 1-212-929-1010
  3. Vanderbilt YMCA: www.ymcanyc.org 

Our Partner Agencies (offering discounted Pricing to our students – these are agencies we recommend and have worked with before)

Study Abroad Apartments


Contact:      Brett Newman

Office: +1-866-509-4443

Mobile: +1-847-471-1992



Contact:      Edwin Siu
Mobile: +1-917-740-2188
Office: +1-718-392-5359

Citi Habitats
Contact:      Kayla Pitsilos
Mobile: +1-610-401-5128
Office: +1-212-794-1133

Application Process
Step 1: Apply!

  • Begin an application, submit all the materials, and pay the application fee by the due date.

Step 2: Deposit and Placement

  • Tell us what kind of internship you're looking for then pay the 00 Placement Fee and we will begin searching for a position for you! 

Step 3: Placement

  • Once your placement is secured, make all your program payments and obtain your visa.  Book your flights and prepare for your internship in the US.

Step 4: Intern

  • Arrive in the US and begin your internship.  Be sure to stay in contact with International Internships to let us know how you're doing!

A more detailed explanation of the application process can be found here: USA: How to Apply, Process & Pricing
Frequently Asked Questions
How long can I come for? 
This depends on the type of J-1 visa you qualify for.  If you qualify as an INTERN, you can come for up to 12 months.  If you qualify as a TRAINEE, you can come for up to 18 months.  To find out if you qualify as an intern or a trainee, click here.  



Can I get a custom placement in another city?   
We can do a custom placement outside of New York for an extra fee of 0.
Are internships and traineeships paid?   
NO. Internships are almost always unpaid.  

How much will my visa cost?  
Cost of the Visa is dependent on the duration of your stay, for Details see the fee section or view the USA: How to Apply, Process & Pricing.

How long will it take to find me a placement?  

  • American citizens can be placed in a host company within 2-3 weeks.
  • Non-U.S. Citizens: 90-120 days from the time we (or you) secure a host company placement.  

Can I become an intern if I am currently in the United States?  
If you are an F-1 student, your university can offer you OPT (Optional Practical Training) or CPT (Curricular Practical Training) in the U.S.  All you will need is a placement related to your field, which we can arrange for a flat fee of 50.  Email or call our office (1-941-375-2223) for more information.  
Can I intern in the US through International Internships LLC if I am an American citizen or Permanent Resident?
Yes, we offer a guaranteed placement at a company in New York for a flat fee of 50.

Information Regarding our USA Internship Programs

"We had a mutually beneficial internship that just ended and I just wanted to thank you for all the help. Let me know if we could host anyone else in the future."
Isaac Fattal, AD NOTAM Company, NYC

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